Monday, January 9, 2012

Schools Back In Session

All the holiday decorations are down, the kids are finally back in school after winter break and my oldest is off to her first day of college. The morning started off a little ruff as the kids were having a hard time getting ready for their first day back after winter break, but the house is finally quiet and I feel like I can finally start the new year.

It just doesn't feel like the New Year until the kids are back in school, because everything feels the same. They have hit their tween years, so they don't like going to bed at night or getting up in the morning. It was a challenge to get them out of bed by 11:00 am. As I tried to get them out of bed, all I heard everyday is "It's Christmas break, why do I have to get out of bed early?" 11:00 am is early?

While the kids are were break, I decided it was time to clean out the closets and throw away anything I didn't need. There was too much stuff just building up that has no purpose. But, the task became complicated with the kids home. Who would have thought it would still be difficult to accomplish tasks when your children are 11 and 12 years old? They still make it difficult for me to complete something when they are home with the constant interruptions of I can't find anything to eat, the endless dishes and the messes on the kitchen counters every time you walk into the kitchen and lets not forget the constant mediating I have to do between the both of them. Something as simple as a phone call became a difficult task. Maybe I can finish what I started now the kids are finally back in school. Ahhhh..... I can finally breath and focus on the things I was trying to accomplish again.

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