Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Moving is so completely exhausting. It took two weeks to pack it up and now it's time to unpack everything and put it all away. I feel like I have been run over by a Mack truck. I have been working on moving for three weeks nonstop and I can't wait for it to be all done and things can get back to normal.

Today I just feel like my body has run out fuel and all I want to do is climb back into bed and go back to sleep.   With move my schedule has just got more busy. Things weren't as easy as before, there's a whole lot more driving kids around. Between driving my son to school and picking him up, then dropping my daughter off at the bus stop then having to pick her up. It's not like the old days where I could just send them out the front door and the bus stop was across the street. Oh well, you do what you have to do and move on with it.

Then to add to change, I have never driven around where I am living now and am finding myself not knowing how to get anywhere, including the local stores. Thank God for technology. I find myself making good use out of the GPS on my cell phone, it get's me where ever I need to go.

One thing I am feeling much better about, is the move is good for the kids. The area is much nicer and has good schools where I won't have to worry about them as much. When I moved to where I lived before, it was a nice area. But, it is going down hill fast over there and things weren't looking too good. A fresh start is always a good thing. 


  1. Just don't give yourself expectations you know you won't meet. So don't think I have to get this unpacked by....otherwise you will frustrate yourself. Just do what you can and limit your time and attention and don't spend too much time on any one little by little it all gets done. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Yeah, I know. Thanks. It's just so much work, because you have to clean everything before you can unpack. It actually took us two trips in the largest moving truck and my truck filled up with all the electronics to get everything over here. I have a little OCD and everything being out of place stresses me out.

  3. Did you move yourself? I have. Yep, that sucks.
    Or did you get a moving company to do it? When we moved to Iceland (and came back), we had a moving company do it. Sucked less.
    Although, 5 years later, we still have things in boxes labeled "Kolflangflangen Luft Moving Company."
    Wonder what's in them?
    Great that it's good for the kids. Because that's really the most important thing.

    1. We moved our self. It took 2 weeks to pack it up and we are still unpacking. We decided to do it our self, because there are enough costs with moving as it is. I hope I don't have to move again for a very long time.

      Lol. Maybe you should open them and find out.


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