Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Knock Off Olive Oil

Did you ever think you had to worry about buying knock off olive oil? I never thought I would be. I knew there was a difference in the quality, but manufacturers are making knock off olive oil where the olive oil is being substituted for cheaper oils and chemicals to make a cheaper olive oil to sell. I guess that goes to say you can't walk into a store and buy anything anymore without reading the labels.

According to the California Olive Oil Council, the best way to tell a fake from the real thing?

Consumers spend $720 million per year on olive oil, according to the California Olive Oil Council. But, not all olive oil is created equally.

Follow these tips from COOC to be sure you know what you're buying on your next shopping trip:

Bottle color matters. True olive oil should be kept cool so bottles will be darker in color to extend shelf life.

Check the label. States like California place quality control labels from the COOC on all bottles of oil produced in the state. To earn a seal, a taste panel puts it through a vigorous chemical test.

Where you shop matters. Olive oil is definitely one of those products you never want to buy generic. Not all retailers keep a close eye on where they're sourcing their oils, so look for higher quality oils at specialty markets. When in doubt, check the label yourself to see its origin.

And don't believe everything you read. The FDA can't catch every bottle that hits the shelves claiming to be "Extra virgin" or "cold pressed," Mueller warns. If all else fails, try taking a whiff. True EVOO should smell a little fruity.

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