Saturday, December 10, 2011

US Air Force Dump Soldiers Remains In A Landfill

When I read the story about The United States Air Force dumped the ashes and remains of 274 soldiers in the a Virginia landfill, I was totally outraged. How could they do that to American Soldiers who fought for our country and gave their lives for our freedom, not just our freedom their freedom? The Air Force used the Virginia landfill to dump bodies between 2004 and 2008. The Air Force do not plan on notifying the families who's remains lay in a landfill. Of course, they do not plan on notifying the families of their idiotic decision to disrespectfully dump the remains of their loved ones in a landfill.

What is this a third world country we live in now? That sounds like something Saddam Hussein would do and our own American Government dumped remains in a landfill. Your not even allowed to dispose of an animal that way and they did it to the American men and women who served our country. It is completely horrifying to know our own country disposed of honorable military veterans in a landfill.


  1. I spent a very long time in the military and saw a LOT of ridiculous things. But, I cannot fathom how anyone could think this was an appropriate thing to do.
    What a world, huh?

  2. I couldn't either. When I heard about it my stomach dropped to the ground. Animals are disposed of more humainly. I couldn't believe they did that to our American Soldiers that died in war.


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