Monday, November 28, 2011

Mom Defends Daughter’s Right To Wear Racist Shirt To School

According to the Times of Trenton (via Gothamist), 14-year-old Torri Albrecht wore asweatshirt with the Confederate Flag to Melvin H. Kreps Middle School on Nov. 7. School officials asked her to take off the sweatshirt, telling her the teachers had complained. The school says Albrecht was "disrespectful in her refusal to take it off," so they suspended her. Her mom, Jane West, disputes this, saying that the assistant principal lied to her about exactly how many teachers were upset about the shirt. She explains,

"The bottom line is there's no proof that anyone complained about the sweat shirt or that my daughter was disrespectful about taking it off. The only thing I have proof of is that (assistant principal Jermaine Blount) lied to me."

West says, the shirt is just an expression of her southern pride and heritage and she is going to sue the school if the school does not apologize and rescind the suspension. West feels she has the right to show her Virginia pride should trump students and staff attending school without the reminder of mass subjugation being thrown in their faces. She may say the sweatshirt is an expression of her southern pride and heritage, but I think she really knows the purpose of wearing the sweatshirt. There are many ways she can express her pride in her southern heritage without allowing her daughter to wear a sweatshirt to school with the Confederate Flag on it.


  1. Sigh....... Sounds like this is another case of "Just because you CAN do something [1st Amendment issue] doesn't mean you necessarily SHOULD do something." In other words, I wouldn't wear it just to save me any hassle.
    Frankly, though, it wouldn't bother me. But, I understand that it may bother some. So, that's why I wouldn't wear it. But I suspect the reaction from the school is overblown.
    Another reason we should have uniforms in school?

  2. I agree with you that schools should have uniforms. There is too much contraversial clothing out there, the kids are always trying to wear to school and school uniforms makes everyone the same.


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