Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Arsenic In Apple Juice

If your like me, you were tuned into the Dr. Oz show this afternoon and found out some really alarming news. Some of the apple juices contain higher levels of arsenic than what is allowed in drinking water. That is insane. We think we are doing something good for our children by giving them apple juice and we are poisoning our own children. This goes back to what I have said before, since they started importing a lot of our products from over seas there are too many products that are recalled or not safe for Americans to be consuming. No one seems to care, including the FDA until there is a problem. Then even after there is a problem, they do what they need to correct the problem, then I am sure it is business back to usual until another problem occurs.

When buying apple juice, look for juice that the concentrate was made in the USA, but be careful because the labels can be misleading. The container may say made in Canada. However, the container itself may have been made in Canada, but the juice itself may have been imported from China. Dr. Oz recommends buying organic apple juice, none of the organic juices he had tested came back with high levels of arsenic.

Some of the apple juices Dr. Oz had tested had higher levels of arsenic than allowed in drinking water are as follows.

Gerber- Had the highest level of arsenic.
Apple and Eve Apple Juice
Juicy Juice
Minute Maid

Dr. Oz's lab results are listed below.

Minute Maid Apple Juice

Lowest Sample for Arsenic: 2 parts per billion
Highest Sample for Arsenic: 3 parts per billion

Apple and Eve Apple Juice
Lowest Sample for Arsenic: 3 parts per billion
Highest Sample for Arsenic: 11 parts per billion

Lowest Sample for Arsenic: 4 parts per billion
Highest Sample for Arsenic: 16 parts per billion
Juicy Juice
Lowest Sample for Arsenic: 2 parts per billion
Highest Sample for Arsenic: 22 parts per billion

Lowest Sample for Arsenic: 3 parts per billion
Highest Sample for Arsenic: 36 parts per billion

You can go to to read more about his apple juice findings and what you can do to take action.


  1. I'm glad that you posted about this - I have posted about the bad chemicals in apples in the past and ever since I learned about it I absolutely refuse to buy anything but organic apples for my kids. They are expensive - but their health is SO worth it!

  2. Did you know there is also arsenic all over wooden playgrounds? They treat the wood with it. Scary thought. I don't see how there can be a "safe" level of poison in food. It's poison! It's bad enough we have a "safe level" of bugs allowed into our cereal (it took me two years to eat cereal again after learning that), but poison? Crazy!

  3. Yeah, I have heard that one before. I have become more aware the last few years about how much of our food and products are imported, all the chemicals they spray our vegatables with, the hormones they inject in animals, and all the chemicals and bugs they allow in our food. The same goes for hot dogs, bologna & so on is full of crap or the beetles that was found in Similac formula. The whole thing is crazy.

  4. This is scary, most products nowadays are just relabeled. We're not sure where they rally came from.

  5. I agree that the FDA can almost rarely prevent problems only mitigate them. The only thing is that mosts discoveries of these nature don't occur until disaster strikes. Products are tested when they first come out but even the smallest things can alter their composition. It would be interesting to know what (1) prompted Dr. Oz to test the juices like an anonymous tip for example and (2) how many, if any, tests does the FDA regularly do in products that have been around for ages. Brands like Motts are trusted by Americans so would that play a part in the FDA's actions?

    Friend from blog hop discovering your blog :)

  6. I think what prompted it, was China still uses arsenic in their pestisides. The FDA is upset with Dr. Oz, they stand behind the 27 parts per million being safe for consumption in apple juice. The thought that scares me is they safe it is safe, but 5 or 10 years from now what will be the long term effects? You are right, most discoveries don't occur until disaster strikes and if that level isn't safe for drinking water, it most likely isn't going to be safe for apple juice either.


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