Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Silly Sasha Kitty

Sasha Kitty has her language and a her own way of communicating with us. She sits there and stares at the door like she is trying to will the door to open or until someone sees her sitting there staring at the door. If that doesn't work, she meows and points to the door knob. I think she gets aggravated she can't open the doors to go outside, because she can open almost all the doors in the house by either pushing them open by pouncing on them or pulling them open with her paw.


  1. Cats don't want to go through doors until they are closed and I have sat down. Then they go and stand in front of them.

  2. Ain't that the truth?! She doesn't like the bathroom door shut. She opens it on me all the time when I'm in there. She is truely a little cat with a big cat attitude. She likes to go the bathroom outside. She doesn't like litter boxes so she comes in and out with the dog to go to the bathroom and kill her prey to leave at the back door for me.


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