Thursday, June 9, 2011

Indiana College Refuses To Play Our Anthem?!

A school in Indiana has decided to ban the National Anthem at their sporting events claiming it is in violation of the school's core values.

We recognize that some people may not be satisfied with this decision, but we believe it is the right one for Goshen College," Ricky Stiffney, chairman of the Mennonite school's board of directors, said in a written statement.

"The board has a diversity of views on this issue as reflected through the process of considering the anthem."

"It's obviously about a battle," Goshen College art professor John Blosser told FOX News Radio. "It's rather violent. It's about using violence to conquer and that would be something that many people here would have problems with."

The Star Spangled Banner is violent? Seriously, how ridiculous can you get? This is the United States of America. Not playing the anthem at sporting events is unpatriotic. What else are they going to take away? This is the only country in the world where they tip toe around everyone. They take the Pledge of Allegiance out of schools and now a college refuses to play the The Star Spangled Banner. Where are our youth going to learn about being patriotic? Patriotism teaches our youth loyalty. What are we teaching our youth, that being patriotic and having pride in your country is a bad thing? At this point, I think it is time for the United States Government to step in and make it a requirement for the schools to say the Pledge Of Allegiance and require schools to play the anthem at sporting events. Trying to make everyone happy is taking away what this country was built on and the entire issue of trying to make everyone happy is out of control and time to go back to our own country's core values. If they don't want to say the Pledge, stand in a moment of silence and if they don't want to hear the Anthem block it out. But, quit whining about being offended! I can't imagine children growing up not knowing the Pledge or not knowing what our Anthem is. It's a shame!


  1. Wonder if their core frikkin' values include getting any federal aid?
    What a bunch of dopes.

  2. It's tiring how groups are always complaining about the word "God". Now, they are saying the Anthem is violent. Come on, the next thing you know they will want "In God We Trust" off of money. It might offend someone.


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