Wednesday, June 1, 2011

12 Year Old Charged With Armed Robbery

What the hell is wrong with some kids? A 12 year girl attempted to rob a store in Highland Township, Michigan at gun point. She walked into the Country Lake Market on Milford Road with a bandanna over her face and pointed a 9 mm hand gun at the clerk and demanded they hand her the money. The clerk recognized the girl and with two other clerks, they wrestled her to the ground. That is totally insane. You would not even think a 12 year old girl is capable of committing armed robbery. The girl was a 6th grade student at Highland Middle School. I have an 11 year old son in the 6th grade. I can't imagine hearing about one of his friends or classmates being arrested for armed robbery. Maybe a teenager, but not a 12 year old girl. The scary part about it, the 9 mm hand gun was loaded!

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