Saturday, May 28, 2011

Who's Coming To Our Aid?





 These photos just touch on the disaster that some of the people from Alabama, Missouri and Oklahoma have been faced with. Homes, personal belongings, and peoples lives have been lost. There are still missing people that haven't been located yet. These photos look like a disaster to me. Who's coming to our aid? Who's coming to help us clean up the mess, help our new homeless people and families from the disasters and look for our the missing people? They snub their nose and they might at well say "Don't worry about the Americans, they can help themselves."

When we are hit with some serious devastations, like the tornadoes that recently hit in Alabama, Missouri and Oklahoma, or even the recent flooding right here in Michigan. Hundreds of people in Michigan are trapped in the homes and their basements are flooded. Nothing compared to the tornadoes, but still serious. It makes me think "who is coming to our aid?" We are the first ones to run to the aid of other countries in disaster and our government sends aid, but no one comes to our aid.  We send donations and send volunteers to their aid. I feel badly when disaster happens somewhere else, but my problem is, we are a country in financial trouble and it takes from the aid we have available when we have a disaster. Maybe it's time for our Government to start worrying a little more about taking care of our own first before running to the aid of other countries.


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