Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Big Debate Over The U.S. Interrogation Methods

With the recent capture of Bin Laden, Liberals who oppose the so called harsh interrogation techniques brought in by the Bush administration have brought the debate to the surface again. Honestly, I think the debate is ridiculous. Does the Middle East have any sympathy for our American Soldiers when they are torturing them while they interrogate them? Do they have any sympathy when they burn their bodies alive? Bin Laden was lucky to be shot in the head, he died instantly. Imagine the pain our American Soldiers or Americans suffered while being tortured at the hands of Iraqis or the Al Qaida. War is not humane. Therefore, expecting the U.S. Military to be humane in the time of war or when interrogating those who have participated attempting to kill or kill American citizens is unrealistic. Was Bin Laden concerned about how humane his techniques were in his multiple attempts to bomb the World Trade Centers? No, he didn't! He devoted his life to inflicting the most possible damage on the United States.

Liberals can not expect the American Government and Military to be a bunch of pansies when dealing with terrorists. The country we live in would not be the country they live in if our government was always concerned about being humane in the time of war or dealing with terrorists. They would not be able to walk outside their door or sit in their homes without hearing a bomb go off. Liberals are taking their freedom for granted and should thank our government for being strong. I have been to Iraq and Jordan, sat in the living room of my ex-husband's family and heard a bomb go off just a few blocks away and have seen the military walking in the streets. When I arrived back in the United States, it was such a feeling of relief to know that I was safe. The feeling of being safe is taken for granted by Liberals who oppose the United States interrogation tactics. I have no sympathy for terrorists. I have sympathy for the Americans who have been tortured or killed by terrorists, not for those who have committed their life to terrorizing the United States or the Americans who fight for our freedom.


  1. I make it a point not to go into politics real heavy in my blogs (because, God knows, I spout off enough in plenty of other places) but.....I agree with you 100%.

  2. It just rubs me the wrong way. I had to get that one out.


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