Thursday, May 5, 2011

Benefits Of Red Wine

I am adding wine to my diet. I recently read that drinking a glass or two of red wine before dinner will speed up a woman's metabolism and you will eat less at the dinner table. Now that I am taking medication that has weight gain as a side effect. I need something to boost my metabolism. Because, I seem to have gained a little weight since taking it and I am having trouble getting the weight off. With wine involved, I don't have a problem trying that diet. But, the trick is not to drink alcohol at least two hours before bedtime. So, pour that glass of red wine while your cooking dinner. It worked yesterday, I was full a lot sooner than usual. Another good  reason to pour a glass of wine before dinner is red wine cancels out some harmful substances produced by meat in the stomach.


  1. I'm sure you've already done this, but the worry wart in me has to make sure. Did you check that the wine won't have an adverse reaction with the medication?

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC week! Karen- Karen’s Healthy Lifestyle. Come join me on my journey to figuring out a healthy and happy life!

  2. Yes, it's fine. A glass or two. Just not excessive. Thank you for being a worry wart. :)


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