Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beiber Fever

I am so tired of hearing about Justin Beiber. My 10 year old daughter has Beiber Fever. He is plastered all over her wall, he is her phone screen saver and she walks around the house talking about Beiber like he is some kid that goes to her school. The MTV show ABCD, even had an episode dedicated to Justin Beiber, where all of the dances had to have a theme related to Justin Beiber. I am so ready for her to grow out of Justin Beiber. I think Beiber is one of those young stars who rise to fame quick and then his flame will burn out and he will be a washed up star. His only hope is in a acting career. His fan base is limited to young girls and those young girls are going to grow out of him. Justin Beiber is only going to be young so long and fevers go away eventually.  


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