Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Is In The Air

Now that spring is finally here, everytime I pull up in the driveway I think "I need to find some time to come out here and clean up the ugliness of winter and lets not forget the mess from the dog going outside all winter and not being able to stay on top of all his little presents he leaves behind. The back yard looks terrible. One problem with living an area where you get a lot of teens and kids walking by is they don't know what it is to use a trash can. We live right down the street from a 7/11, so we get their Slurpy Cups and candy bar wrappers on their way back home.  Everything goes on the ground as they are walking by and your left to clean up the mess after someone else's kid. People throwing trash on the ground is one of my pet peaves and the kids around here are terrible for that.

My neighbor across the street can't stand it either. However, if you throw trash down on his side of the side walk he might come after you and throw it back at you. One day when I was sitting in my back yard, some teens threw a pop bottle on the sidewalk while he was out there doing yard work and he picked it up, threw it back at them and told them to throw their damn trash in a garbage can, not in his yard. I couldn't help but laugh, because you do get tired of picking up their trash. Before you go out and cut the grass you have to take a bag with you and clean up the trash. Teenagers have such a lack of respect now a days. When I was a kid we knew better than to throw trash down on the ground. Especially, in front of someones house.


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  2. Throw the dog poop at them! Kills two birds with one stone: 1. You teach the ill-mannered cretins and 2. You get rid of doggie delights.

  3. Lol. They might call the police on me for that. But, it's not a bad idea.

    @Nicole, Thank you & I stopped by & now following. :)

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