Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dogs Have Feelings Too

Mr. Max

Mr. Max has been pouting since we got our new addition to the family. I thought he would love getting a little friend to play with, but he is not happy about having to share his family with cute little Toby. He's pouting and refusing to eat. I have to make him over easy eggs to mix with his dog food to get him to eat. We are trying to give him extra attention to make the transition easier for him and make him feel better. But, I think it is going to be a long road ahead, because Mr. Max is a sensitive dog and gets upset easily. He is slightly spoiled. 

We got little Toby from our neighbor and Max has been playing with him through the fence for the last couple of months. The first time we put them in the fence together, they went crazy running and playing. All that changed once he has realized Toby isn't going back over to his side of the fence. Dogs are so funny. My poor little guy is heart broken.

To our surprise, Toby has a really good personality considering the situation he came from. He is a very friendly and loving dog. He's only 10 months old and has lived a difficult life up until a few months ago when my neighbor's sister rescued him from a crack house. His situation shows in that he doesn't like to be alone and he will follow everyone around the house every time someone moves, he will follow them to make sure they aren't leaving until the last person goes to bed at night. He won't sleep until everyone is in their beds. He truly gets upset when someone leaves, he will whimper and oh my gosh, he will get tears in his eyes. I have never seen a dog get tears in their eyes.  He only has to spend a couple hours a day home alone, which probably feels like eternity to him. When my neighbor said, he needs a lot of attention and they don't have enough time for him, he wasn't kidding. But, he's a very sweet little dog.

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