Saturday, March 5, 2011

WOW Cable Is In The US

Well, I am always complaining about companies having their call centers overseas. Well, finally I can boast about a company that has the call center right here in the good old U.S.A., imagine that. I recently switched to WOW cable. I had to call today, because I think with all the wind and rain we were having trouble with our On Demand. What a nice surprise I had when I called, I got a a very pleasant customer service representative in Alabama. I could actually understand what she was saying and she could understand me. It makes me feel a little better about paying my cable bill know it's going to help pay the wages of Americans and not to build the economy in another country.

Overlooking companies moving their call centers and manufacturing plants overseas is what has played a huge role in our economy falling. You could probably walk through your house and have a very difficult time finding anything made in the United States. Take Levi's for example, there was no jean more American than a pair of Levi jeans. Well, not anymore. Almost all of our clothes, electronics, household items, and so on is made anywhere, but here. We shop and spend our money to pay people to work in another country. It is going to come to the point where there are very few jobs for Americans to work. Even some of our food comes from overseas. Maybe it's just me, but the quality of the clothes, household items and, etc. has seriously declined. Shoes wear out faster and clothing falls apart faster. They are even making them smaller. My 10 year old buys a small in her t-shirts out of the junior section. I have no idea how they expect that a junior small will even fit a teenager?

Even at the Smithsonian Museum, if you pick up a bust of President Lincoln or an American Flag, they are made in China. You go to gift shop in the Museum to get memento and they are made in China. How ridiculous is that?

The only way to fix this problem and bring jobs back to the United States is to charge the companies overseas a higher tax to ship the products back in the United States and only give tax breaks to the companies that solely operate in the United States. No more tax breaks for companies who send our jobs overseas. Make it more profitable for the companies to come back to the United States and more expensive for them to move their companies overseas and import their products back to the United States. You don't see people from other countries buying our products. So, why are we buying theirs? We are forced to, because our own government has allowed the companies to move overseas.

I did send emails out to the companies I did know had their call centers in overseas letting them know how displeased I was to know where my money was going and with my blog links to my posts on their companies. This time when IndyMac called, they called me from the United States because I told them I refuse to speak with someone overseas regarding an account my account in the United States. I don't trust their account security measures. If enough people took the time to send emails to the companies who have call centers overseas, then maybe it would make a difference. Without us spending our money supporting these companies they would go under. They are smart enough to know it. But, it will continue to go on unless someone stands up and tries to do something about it. I decided, I am tired of our call centers and jobs overseas. Every time I talk to a customer service representative I find out where they are located. If they are located overseas, I give them a hard time and refuse to talk to them. The conversations are recorded, it will eventually get back to the big decision makers of the companies. From working in a call center in the past, I know the banks and companies spot check the recorded conversations to see how the call center is functioning and handling their account. So, a big high five for WOW cable!

-Mama On A Mission


  1. The only things in my house that I can absolutely guarantee were made in the USA are me, my wife, and my kids. Unfortunately, even my dog was made overseas. Sad.
    As far as your cable company, let me be the first to write (probably not the first-nor last-to think of it, though): WOW!

  2. You were able to understand an Alabaman accent!

    I think I would take the India people!

    Well, just kidding. I actually like the sound of a woman with a Southern accent.

  3. Yes, I can actually pretty easily undestand the southern accent. lol My mother and grandmother are from the south and had accents. I love them too, because my grandmother had a strong southern accent and I was crazy about my grandma.

  4. My dog comes from overseas too. From Ireland. At least he was born here. ;)


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