Friday, March 4, 2011

They Know!

Why does it seem that sometimes when you have an important appointment, anything that can go wrong does? I had my day planned out, then my youngest threw me a curve ball this morning saying she was sick to her stomach and couldn't go to school. Funny how she had a quick recovery though.  My kids always seem to throw me a curve ball when I have something planned. I swear, it's like they KNOW when I have something to do! Then I had a job interview at 3:00 that got moved to 12:00 and I had an appointment for the cable company to come between 10:00-11:00. Well, of course the cable company didn't come until 11:00, so he started the job and agreed to come back after my interview, thank God! I had to find someone to watch my youngest, which was a task. But, I accomplished it. I was almost broken down to tears, but I got the cable guy and my daughter out of the house just in time leaving 15 minutes to get to my interview. Thank God it was close, I got there just 5 minutes before my interview leaving me just enough time to compose myself before going in. What a crazy day, I just want to lay down and take a nap now.


  1. For only 15 min. until my 19 year old come bursting through the door talking to me while I was trying to sleep. That's ok, I will just sleep better tonight.

  2. Found you on Saturday Stalk Remix! Would love a follow back!

  3. I hope the interview went well.
    Visiting on the hop from Edge of Escape

  4. I think it well or lets hope at least. The job is close with good hours. :)

  5. Busy busy! I hope it went well for you :) I stopped over from the Saturday Stalk. Hope you are having a good weekend :)


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