Thursday, March 17, 2011

They All Grow Up A Little Someday, I'm Just Not Ready.

My little boy comes home from 6th grade camp today. He has been gone since Monday. It was harder than I thought it would be because, they wouldn't let him take his cell phone. So, I haven't talked to him since Monday morning. We think we want a break from our kids, then when we get one we miss them and worry about them. This time was a little harder than usual because, I haven't been away from him for more than two days. It has always been him at a friends house or my husband and I went out of town. But, I could always check on them and see how they are doing. It is really hard on a parent to have their child gone for three nights and not be able to talk to them. I can understand their point by not allowing them to bring cell phones, but it's hard on the parents. We just like to know our children are okay. I guess we have to learn to let go a little someday. It's just sooner than I expected.


  1. I think children have a much easier time adapting to being away from their parents than the other way around. How I coped when my children went away to camp was to pray a lot. Then upon their return I fixed them their favorite meal for dinner that night. Remember they have been eating camp food all week long!

  2. Yeah, I think they do too. They are ready to grow up & we're not ready to let go. lol Isn't that always how it works.

  3. My son's a freshman at Virginia Tech, my daughter drives her own car to go shopping for Junior Prom dresses.....
    I asked my wife, "Where in the hell did the time go?"
    In a twinkling of an eye, I'll be "Grandpa."
    Then, I can teach a new generation what "Pull My Finger" is all about.

  4. I know that feeling, I have a 19 year old too. Thats funny, my father used to do that trick too. lol


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