Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Heading back to work recently posed a new challenge for me, my work clothes seem to fit a bit snugger than they used to. I guess that what happens when your sitting around the house in shorts and t-shirts all the time. So, I had to go shopping today to grab a couple of things. I need to replenish my stock of dress clothes in my closet. No more jeans for me, at least not between the hours of 8-5. There is no casual Friday where I work. So, it's dress clothes five days a week. By the time the weekend rolls around, I am ready for the running suits and sneakers.

I found a few things that look comfortable, but still professional enough to wear to work. But, I wasn't totally thrilled about the lack of color and style choices.  I wear the blacks and browns in the winter. When spring and summer comes along, I like to wear some color, like cool blues, yellows, pinks. But, there are a lot browns, cool tones and odd prints out.

Another problem in shopping for work clothes, most businesses don't allow sleeveless or low cut blouses. When your shopping for spring and summer work clothes, there are a lot of low cut blouses. Making it difficult to find something to wear to work. I don't agree with wearing them to work either, it's not the place for them. I just wish clothing designers kept that in mind when designing clothes. It's a little annoying that you have to find matching camisols to put under your blouses. Unless you go with the button down, which I am not a real big fan of. Shopping isn't fun anymore, it's too much work.  I did find a really cute pair of heals though. I can never get tired of shopping for shoes.


  1. Try the Victoria's Secret camisoles -- they sell them with the built-in bras in packs of three and they last a very long time time. They are also sold in neutral colors (black, white and fleshy) so those colors work under a variety of tops. I also wear them under lower-cut dresses to make them office appropriate, as I am a lawyer and need to dress very formally sometimes.

  2. A pretty camisol under those low cut tops might help. A girl can never have to many shoes. giggle. Hugs!

  3. I feel your frustration! I have grown to strongly dislike shopping for clothing. Between the inconsistent sizing and the current fashion selection, I'd rather go shopping with 20 kids to the toy store and not let them touch anything.

  4. Shopping yesterday was a lot of fun.
    While my wife and daughter went shopping for a prom dress (for my daughter...I guess that would probably be obvious, huh?), my son and I went to see "Battle: Los Angeles."
    I was very happy during the shopping trip.

  5. Yeah, I forgot to add the size inconsistancy. A movie would have been more fun.


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