Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Horoscopes... Do they ring true?

Did you ever notice that sometimes horoscopes seem to ring true or be very close to what you are going through at the time. I often wonder about that. I subscribe to the IVillage Horoscopes and  lately, it seems like my horoscope seems to be ringing true more often than not. Sometimes they can be completely off, but they seem to hit the nail on the head more than half the time. It makes me wonder if astrology actually has anything to do with our personalities or do we create our own destiny by reading horoscopes? What made me think of this was, this morning I was reading my emails and I read my horoscope for yesterday. After reading my horoscope, I said to myself  "I wish I had checked my emails again yesterday instead of this morning."

I have a friend of mine who is my best friend and we have been friends since we were 10 years old. Which makes 30 years now. Her birthday is only one day before mine. It seems like the things we are going through coincide with each other and we laugh and say, it must be in the stars. We both live in two different states and both got pregnant once at almost exactly the same time and it wasn't planned.  I was on birth control and got pregnant anyway.  Our due dates were only different by a few days. We met our husbands around the same and got married around the same time without planning it. However, I am divorced from that husband and she is still married to hers. That time the stars were off. It is just funny how events in our lives coincide with one another and we are both Virgos.

Do horoscope ring true for you or are they completely off?

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  1. I think horoscopes ring true... most of the time! Nice blog! Following you from fff! Come vist me at http://www.captaincoupon.blogspot.com and we can go on a 'sale-ing' adventure! Sorry...a little cheesy but I make myself laugh!



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