Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stirring Up The Senses

As married couples we put so much effort into everything, but our intimate relationship with our partner. We just kind of take that for granted. We put spend more time on the up keep of our cars, homes, and appearence. But, we take our relationship for granted and just assume our partner will always be there to fall back on. The divorce rate is over 50% in the United States. However, the average couple doesn't see what they are doing wrong and could be on the path to a divorce. Your partner needs your physical and emotional support just as much as you need attention and affection from your mate.
Remembering all the senses is a good way to turn up the heat in your relationship. Plan an afternoon trip to you local adult toy store or shop online together. Maximize the fun by going together. If you both go together then you both will be able to give some input on fulfilling your fantasies and choosing items both of you will be comfortable using. When planning your next encounter, think about how many of your partner's senses you can stimulate.

Taste: Champagne, chocolates, edible body paints & oils, sensual fruits that will be fun feeding each other, whip cream and the list goes on. Be creative!

Touch: When touching each other remember soft feather touches. The sensation of feeling isn’t just about touching one another. The sensation of touch is also the surfaces, such as sheets, negligees’, fuzzy rugs, soft surfaces, feathers, etc. One thing to keep in mind is; how does it feel when you touch it?

Sight: Visual stimulation is very important. Most men are visually stimulated when it comes to love making. Light some candles to provide a little soft lighting and give the room a sensual ambiance, negligees’ and a pair of stilettos, and spread some sensual toys on the bed. Have fun!!!

Smell: Scented candles or incense, where perfume, a freshly showered body is also very sensual. Scented massage oils are also very helpful in stirring up more than one of the bodies senses.

Hearing: Talk sexy to your partner. Tell them how their touch makes you feel or what you would like them to do. Being intimate is very personal. So, let’s get personal. Don’t be shy.

And don’t forget….

The Mind: The mind can be a wonderful sensual tool and is where it all begins. Send them some sexy pics inviting them to play, leave a note somewhere telling them where to meet you, or some hot text messages to get the imagination going.

Just remember to enjoy the time you spend with your partner and being creative will keep their interest and their love going for years to come.

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