Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring Fever

My kids are dying for spring to come this year. I think this year a little more than most. My youngest is at the park with her friend riding bikes and it's 36 degrees outside. They are ready to shed the winter coats and pull the bikes out. She tried sneaking out with just a wind breaker on. All the snow finally melted, so they were outside yesterday playing basketball and riding their bikes in the cold. They stayed out there for almost two hours. They are not letting the cold stop them, they're tired of being in the house. To their surprise we are getting more snow and sleet tomorrow and they will be stuck in the house again complaining they're bored. But, my son is still complaining he's bored, because he's grounded. He told me he wouldn't be like he is (cranky and complaining) if he wasn't stuck in the house. Hopefully, not being able to go outside and play with his friends on those few nice days we did get will help him remember to not let his grades slip. Making him stay inside when it's nice outside is like cruel and unnecessary punishment for him. I did allow him a little freedom to go outside yesterday and ride his bike for a little bit, without his friends though. He was stuck riding his bike with his sister and her friend.  I am ready for spring myself. I'm tired of the cold and tired of the kids sitting in the house complaining they're bored and there is nothing to watch on the television.  I'm sure they are going to be really disappointed tomorrow when they see the snow and sleet fall. Considering, they are going to be on winter break Monday and Tuesday. Especially Adam, because is punishment is over on Sunday.

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