Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Repeated Ear Infections

My dog is driving me crazy. He is one of those dogs with floppy ears and he gets repeated ear infections every couple of months. In one ear he gets a bacteria infection and the other he gets a fungus infection. I am constantly running him to the vet every coupe of months for his ears and it usually runs me around $130. The vet says he has an allergy to preservatives. So, we changed his food to an all natural food with no preservatives and give him allergy pills. Well, it's not working. He is still getting ear infections. Does anyone have any ideas of natural ways or something you can buy in the store to treat ear infections in dogs?


  1. Our dog has floppy ears, too, and is prone to infections. The vet gave us some ear cleaner and we try and remember to clean out her ears as regularly as possible. Not fun, but I think it helps.

  2. Yeah, we have that too. But, it doesn't seem to be working. :)


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