Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nut Allergies

Yesterday, I was reading a note that was sent home from the school regarding their 100th day celebration. The note is asking parents to send in 100 pieces of a snack for the classroom. In the note it has suggestions of what to bring in, including nuts as one of the suggestions. My daughter has a severe allergy to nuts. I sent a note at the beginning of the year making her aware of her allergy and she has been sent the office to get medicine twice already this year, because someone was eating something with nuts in it. So, how did she forget that she was allergic to nuts? Her allergy is so severe she can't even be in the same room with someone who is eating nuts or something with peanut oil in it. I think at that point I would hang a note in the classroom saying no one can bring in anything with nuts into classroom. When she is exposed to someone eating nuts in the same room she breaks out in severe hives, she swells up, starts throwing up and begins to have difficulty breathing. It's pretty scary. I'm am always nervous with the schools and her staying anywhere. I think a lot of people don't realize someone who is allergic to nuts can have a reaction even if they are in the same room as someone eating nuts. Especially with the schools, there is the lunch room and the teacher has so many students in her classroom it's hard to pay attention to what everyone is eating.
Well, I emailed the teacher yesterday, reminding her of Sammy's nut allergy and asking her to revise the note. But, I just think this far into the year that isn't something she should be reminded of. She should have a note somewhere where she can see it of all the children who have allergies and what they are.


  1. One of the main reasons I homeschool! That is unacceptable to me and I would have phoned the principal! Makes me very angry for you and your daughter. Thanks for stoppin'by my blog! I am
    following you back!

  2. I agree with Dawn, contact the principal and maybe the school board!! That is completely unacceptable...
    There SHOULD be a not posted outside the classroom stating "peanut allergies". There is a child in my daughter's class who has peanut allergies and so the parents were notified at the beginning of the year that peanuts are not allowed. Actually I think its a school wide ban on peanuts.

  3. It is unacceptable. I should call the principal. You would think a child having an allergic reaction twice in your classroom you would remember after that.

  4. Whew! For a minute, there, I thought this was an announcement for the Midwest Eunuch Convention.

    All kidding could the school be such knuckleheads? Since my oldest is in college and my daughter is a HS junior, I don't send things in anymore. But, when we (let's face it, my wife shouldered the lion's share of snack providing) did, we NEVER sent anything remotely connected with peanuts (or any other nut). It wasn't that hard to do. Why take the chance of hurting a kid? Sheesh.

  5. As far as candy and stuff goes there is more without nuts than with nuts.


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