Sunday, January 16, 2011

Woman Steals Fur Coat By Hiding It In Her Underwear

A Bloomington, Minn. Woman steals a fur coat by hiding it in her underwear. The woman was confronted in a store after a $6,500 fur coat was missing from the rack. The sales clerk took down her plate number and called the police. When the police located the car a short time later they found the store hanger in her car. When the police asked her about the coat, she said she had already sold the coat. Stephanie Moreland was arrested and booked for shoplifting. When she was being questioned three days later, she admitted to still having the coat and pulled it out of her underwear from under her dress. She is a 270 lb. woman and she had cut out the back of her underwear to make it look as though she wasn’t wearing any. The woman had stuffed the short mink coat in the front of her underwear. You have to give her credit for being creative, even though she got busted.


  1. HahaI am from MN! Thanks for follwing me!!!
    following back!


  2. Wow. After seeing this woman's picture, anything I say would be unkind. So, I shall refrain.


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