Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sarah Palin's Dreams Of Running For President May Be Over

Sarah Palin's dreams of running for President may now be over. Some believe that Palin is partly responsible for the tragic shooting Saturday in Arizona. There is a lot of controversy over the map released by Sarah Palins political action committee. Griffon, herself has also raised concern over Palin's map. Saturday the map was removed from her site, saying the map is no longer relevant. Even though I am not a Palin fan, I don't think Sarah Palin is directly linked with the shooting. But, I also don't believe it was a plot to destroy her chances of running for President as some are claiming. Politicians do need to be more careful about what they put on the Internet for anyone to read. I really don't think someone would go that far. The man was emotionally disturbed. No one knows exactly why the man did what he did, he isn't saying. It's all a matter of speculation. Now, that the story is getting so much publicity, I'm sure the Jared Loughner will exaggerate his reasoning for the senseless shooting. It is a tragedy the shooting in Arizona happened. I am slightly irritated the talk is now about Sarah Palin instead what the real tragedy is about. The real tragedy is, innocent people lost their lives.

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