Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reality TV

What's up with reality tv? It is taking over television. There is a reality t.v. show for everything. Has the tv producers and writers run out of ideas? There is a reality tv show for everything and everyone is looking for their five minutes of fame. It just gets a little boring when you can't find anything to watch other than reruns, reality tv shows or talk shows to watch on tv. These girls get on these reality tv shows and their heads swell and they think they are stars.  Take Snooki from Jersey Shores for instance, in the real world, what would that girl do? She is trying to make money off of being superficial and ditsy.
These mothers on Teen Mom need to spend more time focusing on getting an education and trying to raise their children instead of trying to make a tv show out of their lives. The show focuses more on their relationships, instead of raising their children. There is only one girl who actually shows the difficulties of being a teen mom. Once she finds a boyfriend that will be all over. The show does show some of the difficulties of being a teen mom, but it also glamorizes being a teen mom. After all, these girls are on tv now. I think glamorizing being a teen mom is the wrong direction to go. The reality tv shows teens as being reckless and making poor decisions. As if it's cool to be wild and out of control. Teens are messed up enough and don't seem to understand what it is like to live in the real world. The last thing they need is reality tv shows glamorizing reckless behaviour.


  1. That's why I watch a lot of sports and movies.

  2. We men on this site are now a distinct minority so I must chime in and say "me too".

  3. You bring up some good points! It seems like reality TV is really bursting on television. I also find it difficult to find things I would like to watch. There are so many channels and not much on. I hope you are doing well! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  4. I know. You pay all that money for cable and it's a rarity you can find anything good to watch after 8pm.

  5. That's ok, Core Contrarian. What counts is u guys are still here. :)


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