Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A "New Reality"

Velma Hall is just one of the many Americans faced with a "new reality." Velma Hall addressed President Obama about her concerns about the what is happening to Americans at The Town Hall Meeting in September. The economy made a quick spiral downwards in 2006. Many Americans failed to see the economy dropping in 2006 and prepare themselves for harder times. Me included, I kept holding on to maybe things will pick up soon and here I am in the same position as Velma Hall and many other Americans. I think Obama needed to hear it from a middle class American what we are going through. Sometimes when your sitting up there in your own comfortable world you forget what it is like being on the bottom. I don't blame our current economic situation on Obama. The economy was in a mess before Obama got into office. We are just feeling all the effects of the spiral downward. Our middle class is falling right through the bottom. There were over a million positions eliminated in the past three years. Over a million middle class jobs have been cut and we are left struggling trying to find jobs. The jobs we are qualified to do have been practically eliminated. It seems that it doesn't matter how educated you are or how qualified you are. Many of the jobs you apply for, you have over 200 people applying for the same position. One thing I am so tired of hearing is your "over qualified" for the position. Many of us are over qualified for the positions we are applying for. We have no choice. I made $20 an hour and now I am applying for minimum wage jobs just to pay the bills. When I went to college, I thought I was securing my future. Now, with two college degrees and 10 years experience as an office manager I am having a difficult time finding a job. I have the skills and the education. Send out anywhere from five to fifteen resumes a week. So, where are the jobs? Thank God, my husband still has his job. I can't imagine what the couples are going through where both of them had experienced a job loss. Is this our "new reality"? I really hope not.

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