Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day 2010

Voting day is here. According to the news there were plenty of disappointed voters at the polls today. I'm not surprised. I'm sorry to say, I didn't vote. I didn't find any one candidate worth standing in line for. I guess you can clump me in with the rest, there is no good choices this year. Yes, you still have a right to complain even though you didn't vote. You pay your taxes, don't you? That gives you a right to vote. People are disappointed with the economy and feel like it doesn't matter who you vote for, no one is really going to make the change we are looking for. Politicians don't understand what the average person is going through. They don't feel the economic hardship that has hit Americans hard. They don't drive through our neighborhoods and see the empty houses with foreclosure signs on them or know your neighbors who had to move in with family members or your kids friends who can no longer afford the simple things in life, such as a phone. I can't count how many times, my kids complained they were bored and I told them to call their friend and they said "I can't because their phone is shut off." Governor Granny Panties just about destroyed the state of Michigan. Well, she helped finish off what the US Government didn't finish. Back in my college days, I was full of hope for the U.S. Government. But, that hope has faded to a slight glimmer of light that is about to burn out. I am beginning to believe no one can restore this county back to the economic state it was in prior to Bush getting into office or at the beginning of his term before all his policies took affect. Those were the days when I lived a comfortable lifestyle and just about anyone could find a job in less than a week. Now your lucky if you can find a job in under 2 years. Just about everyone knows someone who is laid off.

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