Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cubans Critical Of New Video Game

Cuban officials have harsly criticized a new video game, saying U.S. special forces try to kill Fidel Castro. The game in question is Call Of Duty: Black Ops, which went on sale Tuesday.

The government website, Cubdadebate, says that "it will turn American children into sociopaths" and  "What the United States couldn't do in 50 years, they are trying to do virtually". This has to do with past efforts of trying to take out the Cuban leader.

I find it ridiculous that they take offense to what happens in a video game. Secondly I hardly think that it will turn kids into sociopaths. That has more to do with what their parents teach them and kids differentiating the difference between real and fake. Furthermore, there are plenty of grown men, professional athletes and entertainers included that play this game.

To the people in Cuba that still support the Castro regime, stop being paranoid. Father time will soon run him down. 

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