Thursday, October 7, 2010

Similac Recall- Please Read If You Have An Infant Or Are Pregnant

I received this letter in the mail yesterday regarding the Similac recall.  When reading the letter, it appears Similac is trying to down play the whole thing and I could probably bet you, someone at Similac paid an FDA worker to have a voluntary recall. The funny thing about the whole thing is, I haven't seen it on the news yet and it is a voluntary recall. Shouldn't have the FDA stepped in and made sure parents were informed about the recall.  This recall should be anything, but voluntary. With all these recalls, it just seems like the FDA are not doing their job until it's too late and our food is contaminated.  My concern is how come the news haven't posted the recall on the news yet? If they have, I haven't seen it yet.  What about the parents who do not use the Internet and do not have access to the recall information? There is still plenty of parents out there who can not afford a computer and does not have Internet access or does not use the Internet for religious reasons. Please read the important recall information if you have an infant or know someone that does.  Consider switching to a different formula and throw away any formula you may have on your shelf.  No one can tell you for sure all of the containers of formula affected by the recall.

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