Friday, October 8, 2010

Make Sure You Pay Your Fire Protection Fee In Tennessee

Gene Cranick's home in Obion County, Tenn. caught on fire last week and when he couldn't put the fire out with his garden hose. He called 911 to have the fire put out. To his dismay, he didn't pay the nearby town's $75 fee for fire protection service and the fire department wouldn't come and put out the fire. Cranick's neighbor called the fire department because they were afraid their home would catch on fire, the fire department responded to the call but wouldn't do anything, they just stood there and watched Cranick's house burn down to the ground. Cranick assumed they would come and put out the fire even if he hadn't paid the $75.00 fee. It's sad a man had to lose his home over $75.00. The fire department could have put out the fire and sent him a bill. What if there had been someone in the house? Would they still have let the house burn down with a person in the house? I guess the residents of Obion County and the surrounding areas know to pay their bill.  But seriously, something has to be done about that. They can bill the people later instead of letting someones house burn down. That's is just ignorance.

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