Friday, October 15, 2010

Jennifer PetKov Taunts Her Neighbor's Little Girl

This bullshit going on with a Trenton, MI woman Jennifer PetKov, taunting a her neighbor's daughter by posting Facebook pics of the little girl with her face being the center of a skull with cross bones and her mother wrapped in the arms of the grim reaper is absolutely ridiculous.  Petkov and her husband even went as far as to paint their truck and put a coffin in the back of the truck. Petkov got on the news and was ranting how she did because she knew it would piss her off. This is a prime example of how childish people act when they get on Facebook. What the hell ever happen to people? Have they gone and lost their damn minds? Now they offer a apology to the family and the little girl after they have been publicly humiliated and her husband is suspended from his job. Do you honestly believe someone who is capable of doing something like that is sincerely sorry? I highly doubt it. The entire thing was over a neighborhood dispute. I am a Facebook user, but this shit is starting to get rediculous the shit people do on their Facebook accounts.

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