Wednesday, October 20, 2010

80's Band Wagon

These shoes kill your feet!
What's with trying to bring back the 80's fashion? Fashion trends in the 80's weren't all that great in the 80's. I grew up in the 80's and when I look back. I don't think they are worth reliving the fashion. So, why bring them back? I think the fashion designers have run out of ideas so they are trying to bring back the 80's with a twist.  A few years back it was the 70's and now the 80's. What's next the 90's? What was the fashion of the 90's? I'm not sure if there was anything that stood out. Leg warmers, they were ugly back then and they are still ugly and the striped foot socks that fit your feet like a glove.... they are still hideous! Skinny jeans with the stilettos.... they make everyone look like they are walking on sticks.  Personally, I prefer the flair jeans with wedge shoes. I was so relieved when wedges come out.  Woman can actually wear heals and be comfortable without our feet killing us every time we put a pair of heals on. Well, the 80's are back with skin tight jeans and uncomfortable shoes... Comfort has gone out the window again.


  1. I like the bandanas that those hair metal bands used to wear on their boots.

    Well not really.


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