Tuesday, October 26, 2010

21 Year Old Hollingsworth Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Her God-Daughter

A local Detroit woman, Nichole Hollingsworth had federal charges placed against her for drugging her 3-year-old god-daughter by sending pornographic pictures of her to a man in Missouri. The complaint lists the content of several messages exchanged between Hollingsworth and the man, which indicate a romantic relationship and a desire to kidnap and sexually assault young children together. They also found messages where Hollingsworth told the Missouri man she wanted to learn how to become a sexual predator and wanted to kidnap children with him to sexually assault young children. Hollingsworth blew marijuana smoke in the child's face and drugged her with NyQuil then took pictures and videos of her sexually molesting the child while babysitting the child. No one suspected the 21 year old woman of molesting the child. That goes to prove you have to be very careful of who you trust your children with. This world we live in is a crazy place

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