Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Screwed Up Hair Cut........$22.00

When you sit down in the chair at the hair salon you expect the stylist to cut your hair how you ask them to cut it. Not how they think they should cut it or to do a sloppy job just because they may not be in the mood to cut hair that particular day.  I sent my daughter's boyfriend to take my son to get his hair cut at JcPenney's today.  Wow, the poor child come out looking like Sonic.  She was asked to do a number 1 on the sides, a number 2 on top with it sticking up a little in the front, bring the sideburns to a point.  Well, she did a number 1 on the sides, a number 5 on top, spiked it, squared off the the sideburns and never even took the time to line it up. Now, I have to take him back tomorrow to have it fixed.  If you don't like cutting hair and you are not going to take the time to do it right, then find a new profession. Seriously, they should cut your hair how they are asked, NOT how they feel like cutting it. After all, isn't that what your paying for?

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