Monday, June 28, 2010

New Law Against Texting & Driving Starts Tuesday Michigan Drivers

A new law prohibiting texting while you are driving in Michigan will be in effect on Tuesday.  The law says that anyone caught texting or reading a text while their car is moving will be fined.  The new law banning texting while driving is not a bad idea.  I have been guilty of that on several occasions until one day I had a little fender bender while reading a text message.  I learned my lesson on that one, I only text while I am sitting at a stop light or when I get to my destination.  Law enforcement feel it is going to be a difficult law to enforce because the car has to be moving and it will be hard for law enforcement to tell the difference between someone dialing on their phone and someone texting or reading a message. 

Rules of the ban

•Texting while driving becomes illegal starting Thursday.

•The law prohibits reading, typing or sending text messages using a wireless two-way communication device in the person's hand or lap while driving a car.

•Drivers can still use dash-mounted navigation systems.

•Police can pull over drivers if they see them texting at the wheel, even if there's no other reason to flag them down.

•Violators will be fined up to $100 for a first offense, and up to $200 for additional offenses.

•The ticket won't come with points, and will not become part of a driver's permanent record.

Source: Detroit News research

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