Friday, June 18, 2010

Abuse Of Power In The Work Place

I just recently started a new job. It really amazes me how some people in management lack basic people skills. This woman talks to the company employees like they are children or maybe worse.  I made an error and she asked me "Do you know how to read?" That was uncalled for. I wanted to reply "well actually with two college degrees under my belt, I would have to say yes." Considering the financial situation I am in right now, I just went about my business and didn't say a word about it.There are other ways of saying things, than to just be rude like that.  She could have simply pointed out the error and showed me how to correct it without the smart comment. After all, today was only my 3rd day, I'm going to make a mistake here and there. I don't know anyone who can perform the job perfectly in their first week of employment. I was an office manager for 10 years and in those 10 years, I never talked to an employee like that. I showed respect for employees.  I'm sure she makes a mistake or to, there just isn't anyone in the office to point it out. But, I think some people just let there position go to their head and think they can talk to anyone how they please and if you don't like it you can quit.

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