Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sex, lies & marriage...

As I go online to my myspace, I can't help but wander what is wrong with people today. All their updates are posted on all of their friends pages, about 80% are sexual in content.  The sad part about it are most of these people are married or in relationships. People have become reckless.  It's not just on myspace, that includes anywhere else they are seeking a fling. Infidelity is even in the news almost weekly. Its like sex and marriage are two seperate entities. What did they get married for? You can have sex with you spouse. Why do they need to go out and seek meaningless sex with someone they don't know. In actuality, it's pathetic. It only shows they have no morals or self control.  They are probably the ones saying they are doing it because their sex life at home has gotten boring.  Did they ever stop to think their sex life has gotten boring because they are no longer putting effort into their sex life.  It's a little hard to get into it if the other person is laying there like a bump on a log. They are the only ones to blame if they marriages fail. Maybe if they put as much effort into their marriage as they do into having an affair, their marriages wouldn't fail. You can't be boring in the bedroom and expect it to be exciting. When your married, you need to remember your married and the other person involved has trusted you with their heart. How would it feel if they did the same to you? You would be running around telling everyone what they did to you and acting as though you are innocent when you know your not. If you want to IM, text or email someone why don't you try your spouse? It might actually improve your marriage.  Another excuse is, I just don't love them the same anymore. Well damn, if you are focusing your attention on someone else, your not going to love them the same anymore. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. You are taking away from the feelings that were meant for your spouse. It is no longer personal anymore.  Seriously, some of these people are just too damn old to be doing this shit anymore.  By the time you get in your mid-thirties you should be settled down and taking care of business not playing around like you are a teenager.  News Flash, your not a teenager anymore and you look ridiculous trying to pretend like your single and in your early to mid-twenties. By the time you have reached your mid-thirties, you only have a few good years left.  So, why don't you give up the childish games and get real. Infidelity is a desperate attempt to build self-esteem. Seriously, open your eyes and see the skank or skanks your having an affair with for what they really are.... and that builds your self-esteem. LMAO. No one likes a phony or a liar. You don't like to be lied to, so why are you lying to someone else? In the end, you have no real potential. If you wouldn't want to be married to someone that is unfaithful and lies to you, then why do expect someone to want you? You married them because you loved them. Why don't love them enough to be faithful? If marriage wasn't serious, you wouldn't need a lawyer to get a divorce. When did loyalty and honesty become such an undesirable trait that so few wish to possess them.

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