Sunday, November 15, 2009

A New Adventure....

Do you want to try something new and exciting? Fulfill your partner's fantasy and give your partner an equal opportunity to satisfy your sultry fantasy. Seriously, think about what is your wildest fantasy you would like to have fulfilled and your mate can do the same. Then you can write a letter or send an email to one another describing in detail what your fantasy is. Make it secretive, plan everything through emails and letters. Don't discuss your fantasy with one another.  You can even meet each other in seperate cars, like you are complete strangers. Don’t be conservative, this is your lifetime partner. If you can’t share your dreams and fantasies with your significant other, then who can you share them with. By this point, you have probably shared illnesses, childbirth and many other personal circumstances. Why not share your fantasies? Many couples are uncomfortable with opening up in the bedroom because they are afraid of how their partner will react to them. In most circumstances, they will be pleased to know what you like and how to please you without playing a guessing game. Boost your intimate moments and make them more pleasurable by letting them know what you like. Couples who are more comfortable with open communication are more satisfied with their sex life. Go ahead, book that room at the hotel down the street or send the kids to a family members’ house for the night and let your imagination run wild.

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