Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Do's & Don'ts of Love

We begin our search for love as teenagers and spend our lives looking for that perfect person to love and love us back. We spend countless hours in bars, clubs, social gatherings and online trying to find someone that will catch our eye and spark that feeling in us. If finding love and the perfect mate is so important to us, then why when we find it, do we not value that special person we fell in love with? Then there are those who say, "I'm happy alone." Then why are they always on the search for someone to connect with physically or emotionally? It is part of human nature to seek someone to mate with and spend our life with. That is what separates us from animals. It is animalistic behavior to seek others solely to mate with or for just physical pleasure. When you do find that special person, do not be foolish and push them away. When two people are cohabitating together day in and day out, year after year there is going to be some difficulties. Many couples argue over nonsense things and nag one another. You need to pick your battles.

 The Do’s & Don’ts of love

  •  Don’t nag your partner
  •  Don’t make a big deal out of nothing
  •  Don’t criticize your mate
  •  Don’t go to bed angry
  •  Don’t take them for granted
  •  Don’t ever degrade them in front of others or alone
  •  Don’t betray their loyalty & trust
  •  Don’t be selfish
  •  Don’t break their heart
  • Love them unconditionally 
  • Think before your speak
  • Be loyal & trustworthy
  • Appreciate the small things they do for you
  • Something special for them to show your love
  • Tell them you love them everyday
  • Be respectful of their feelings
  • Always make sure they know how you feel
  • Forgive them
  • Make decisions together
  • Always be committed to your partner & your relationship
  • Remember why you fell in love with them
  • Hold them near and dear in your heart & love them forever!

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