Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Seriously Richard and Mayumi Heene, a balloon hoax. What were you thinking?

Richard and Mayumi Heene thought they were going to make it big when they played the hoax on the Fort Collins, Colorado police department. Now, they are looking at landing them selves in jail instead of landing a reality t.v. show contract. You have to get a license to drive car or even a boat and a license to get married. Sometimes I think, you should have to get a license to have children. Seriously, the Heenes didn't know that it was illegal to send the police out on a wild goose chase looking for a missing child that isn't missing. They didn't stop and think that charges would be filed if their hoax came out or the possibility of children protective services coming in and taking their children. That really saddens me when you see parents so desperate for fame and money, they will go out and use their children as pawns. The Heenes should put as much effort in raising their children and being good parents as they did in concocting and executing this scam to land themselves a reality t.v. show.

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